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HAU Books is the book publishing wing of the Society for Ethnographic Theory, a learned society that also publishes the quarterly journal: HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory. HAU Books is committed to publishing the most distinguished texts in classics and advanced anthropological theory. HAU Books is supported by some of the world’s most distinguished anthropology departments and research institutions through the HAU-N.E.T. community. HAU Books releases its titles digitally as Open Access and also offers print editions.

HAU Books wants to ensure that anthropologists precious ethnographic findings can return to the communities studied by the scientists in free and shareable form.

Library support will cover HAU’s maintenance expenses (clearing translation rights, copyediting and typesetting fees, tech support, graphic design, editorial support etc.) and ensures approximately 45 book title

Institutional support costs $1.230 // € 1.000 // £ 750 per annum for a period of three years