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Routledge is a global publisher of academic books, journals and online resources in the humanities and social sciences.

Founded in 1836, Routledge has published many of greatest thinkers and scholars of the last hundred years, including Adorno, Einstein, Russell, Popper, Wittgenstein, Jung, Bohm, Hayek, McLuhan, Marcuse and Sartre.

Today Routledge is the world’s leading academic publisher in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Routledge publishes thousands of books and journals each year, serving scholars, instructors, and professional communities worldwide. Their cooperation with Knowledge Unlatched is another example of its innovative approach and commitment to Open Access. Routledge has partnered with many of the most influential societies and academic bodies to publish their journals and book series. Readers can access tens of thousands of print and e-books from our extensive catalog of titles.

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Routledge Gender Studies - 2020 - 2022

Routledge Gender Studies is a newly-established list which builds on Routledge’s strengths and publishing prestige, including works by key authors such as Judith Butler and Bell Hooks. Hot topics such as LGBTQ rights, Post-Colonialism and Feminist Pedagogy will be included in the collection. Interdisciplinary areas range from Motherhood to Beauty, and Sport to Film and Culture.

Through a collaborative approach, libraries and research institutions worldwide can pool their funds to finance the costs of making these book titles within Gender Studies available as Open Access: freely accessible for libraries and readers worldwide.

Resulting in a highly relevant collection of Routledge Frontlist titles in Gender Studies for the coming three years - including 60 new book titles in total (20 new book titles per annum).